Crafting and communicating your wellbeing vision

What is your wellbeing vision? Is it a shared vision? By whom?


To craft and communicate a clear and tangible vision of progress, founded on wellbeing priorities

Wellbeing is a holistic concept that brings together priority social, economic, environmental and democratic outcomes into a shared vision for the future.

When you ask people what matters for wellbeing you likely get a wide range of values, processes, and outcomes. You will need to organise these priorities into a clear wellbeing vision.

You will want to engage the public in the process of articulating this wellbeing vision and support its widespread communication. This vision is a key to building new narratives about progress and the purpose of government and policy action. This shift can take time but ensuring accessible public communication and continuous dialogue will build the necessary foundations for long-term transformative change.


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  • Develop a vision statement or a wellbeing framework by grouping wellbeing priorities into common themes.
  • Allow for the holistic representation of wellbeing values and outcomes across social, economic, environmental, political, and spiritual dimensions of life.
  • Use the same language used by the community when crafting your Wellbeing Vision (e.g., recognising that the word for ‘wellbeing’ may be different in different places).
  • Respect cultural diversity and differing wellbeing priorities across and within communities in the collective wellbeing vision or framework.
  • Place special emphasis on human rights and environmental protection.
  • Give extra weight to the wellbeing priorities of marginalised communities.
  • Embrace indigenous wisdom and perspectives on wellbeing and our relationship to the earth.
  • Use personal stories, images, music and narratives as part of Wellbeing Vision communication campaign.
  • Engage all government institutions in the process of building a Wellbeing Framework.
  • Ensure the Wellbeing Vision is presented as long-term project that spans political administrations.
  • Embrace meaningful public participation when crafting and communicating your Wellbeing Vision.