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The Project

The purpose of this project is as easily stated as the task at hand is challenging: facilitating sustainable prosperity in Europe. Currently, economic growth is at the centre of European policy-making. Growth seemingly represents an essential condition for maintaining economic and political stability. It is also the root cause why policy today focuses mainly on efficiency improvements and the circular economy when it comes to tackling climate change.

To achieve sustainable prosperity, it is therefore crucial to liberate economic and political stability from the need of continous economic growth. Only then will it be possible to move beyond economic growth as a policy goal and put environmental and social considerations at the heart of European policy-making. In this sense, the ‘Policy-making Beyond Growth’ project seeks to raise awareness of growth dependencies among decision-makers and offer scientifically informed guidance for political action. By doing so, the project paves the way for sustainable prosperity in Europe.

The ‘Policy-making Beyond Growth’ project comprises several interconnected pillars. In the course of the project phase, co-creative policy labs and workshops with members of EU policy and academia were organised. Based on these, policy objectives, channels and concrete instruments were developed and compiled to address the problem of growth constraints and achieve sustainable prosperity in Europe. Furthermore, a European network of important actors and policymakers was identified to create a productive exchange and to bundle the potential and possibilities for socio-ecological transformation.

This website presents the results and key findings of the project, making them freely available. Most importantly, it provides a comprehensive synthesis of existing growth dependencies as well as an instructive overview on policy instruments to reduce those dependencies.

The website is not a final product, but is intended to stimulate processes and undergo continuous development.

The Institution

ZOE, the Institute for Future-Fit Economies, is an independent think and do tank for new economic thinking and policy-making. Working at the interface of science, politics and civil society, ZOE acts as a catalyst for a just transition towards a sustainable future. We are a team of young and engaged economists. As former members of the international student movement on New Economic Thinking and long-standing advocates for an economy, beyond growth, our mission is to change the direction of European economic policy towards environmental sustainability, justice and well-being. Our work is supported by a pool of excellent research fellows around Europe and distinguished advisory board members, including Kate Raworth (University of Oxford) and Tim Jackson (University of Surrey).

ZOE has successfully informed European debates on the socio-ecological transformation. It has access to a diverse network of progressive public servants, including leaders and high-level representatives of various DGs, such as ECFIN, RTD, GROW, ENV and EMPL. ZOE can build on detailed expert knowledge of EU policy-making and a well-established network of policymakers in the EU.

The Team

The successful realisation of this project has been made possible by the hard work and passionate engagement of the ‘Policy-making Beyond Growth’ team at the ZOE institute. The following individuals have made a substantial contribution to the project:

Advisory Board, Contributors & Reviewers

The successful realisation of this project relies substantially on the great support of our advisory board and several contributors and reviewers. ZOE institute would like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable help, critical comments, inspirational input as well as their time and efforts. Without you, the project would not have been possible!

ZOEs Advisory Board

Project Advisory Board

  • Maeve Cohen
  • Francois Denuit
  • Olivier Derruine
  • Sabine Junginger
  • Phillipe Lamberts
  • Daniel Obst
  • Daniel O’Neill
  • Leida Rijnhout
  • Katherine Trebeck

Contributors and Reviewers


The ‘Policy-making Beyond Growth’ project has been financially facilitated through funding by the KR foundation. The project team kindly thanks the KR foundation for making this project possible.