Laying the foundations



To build a network of stakeholders and partners to design the wellbeing economy and put it into action

Before you embark on the Wellbeing Economy policy design process, there are some fundamental elements that you will want to clarify and put in place.

The most important of those are people: who makes up your team? Who are your partners? Who do you define as your community for the purposes of this process?

Relationship- and trust-building are more than just first steps in this process, they are critical at every stage.

To take a Wellbeing Economy approach is to be person-centred throughout the process. The advice and guidance offered in this section aims to help you do so from the outset.


Assembling your team

To build a strong core team who can carry this process forward


Aligning institutions & stakeholders for wellbeing

To empower stakeholders and align institutions to jointly achieve priority wellbeing outcomes.