Background of the Evidence Collection

Short manual

  1. Select a statement related to a particular policy area
  2. Indicate whether you agree/disagree with it
  3. Explore the ensuing chain of interlinked arguments based on your agreement or disagreement
  4. Make up your mind on a well-informed basis
  5. Recommend the “Evidence Collection” to others or use the arguments as a blueprint for your next policy proposal

The objectives of the “Evidence Collection”

Political discourse about creating sustainable prosperity in Europe is characterized by a multitude of perspectives. Indeed, there is no simple answer to such a complex issue, but there are ways to facilitate valid arguments that can serve as foundations for feasible solutions. We propose a strategy that is focused not solely on challenging the perspectives of other individuals, but on questioning societal perceptions in general. To this end, we created the “Evidence Collection", which aims to overcome mainstream convictions by presenting chains of valid arguments that are based on the latest scientific findings.

How does it work?

The “Evidence Collection” presents you with several key statements that are widely accepted notions not only in economic policy but in society as a whole. First, you choose a statement related to a particular policy area that you want to scrutinise. Second, you can explore two different argumentative paths by either agreeing or disagreeing with the ensuing arguments. The interlinked argument chains will provide you with logically derived and scientifically proven evidence for and against the original statements. Ultimately, the final part of the challenge is up to you – you can make up your mind about the statements on a well-informed and scientific basis.

What’s in it for you?

While the “Paradigm Challenge” can help challenge your own perceptions and notions, it also offers a distinct opportunity for policymakers to gather valid and convincing arguments to corroborate political claims, statements or even policy proposals. The inherently logical structure and the backing of every argument with empirical evidence ensure that your position is compelling on every level. Furthermore, the challenge equips you with rapidly usable lines of reasoning to counter potential opposition. Here it is important to note that the number of initial statements and subsequent argument chains will be extended in the future as we are still in the composition phase of the module.

Become a Challenger

Are you eager to challenge your own notions and perspectives? Do you want to convince someone about how we can achieve sustainable prosperity in Europe and beyond? Or are you simply looking for some surprising facts about sustainable economic policy? If so, try the “Evidence Collection" now, and embark on an eye-opening journey to the bottom of established paradigms and notions.